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I've just discovered my cousin Stanly Glogover's autobiographical website, including our family's experience at Auschwitz ( /  WebLink

Visiting A Mother's Grave at Auschwitz, by Stanley Glogover ( /  WebLink

Visiting A Mother's Grave at Auschwitz /  Stanley Glogover (local pdf)

Institute for Objective Measurement ( Objective measurement is the repetition of a unit amount that maintains its size, within an allowable range of error, no matter which instrument... /  WebLink

Online Readings in Psychology and Culture, a unique free textbook and website, consisting of short chapters relating to many aspects of the interface ( /  WebLink

Substance Abuse and Suicide Prevention: Evidence and Implications: A White Paper from SAMHSA ( /  WebLink

Leaked documents, including Congressional Research Service Comprehensive collection ( /  WebLink

Policy Data Tool ( /  WebLink

?Know Your Rights? ? Legal Rights of People with Alcohol and Drug Histories and Criminal Records-from the Legal Action Center (LAC) ( /  WebLink

NIDA Information for Medical and Health Professionals - Screening Tools ( /  WebLink

Children Living with Substance-Dependent or Substance-Abusing Parents: 2002 to 2007 ( /  WebLink

Teen Pregnancy & Related Data by State ( /  WebLink

Resources from Ensuring Solutions to Alcohol Problems, a project of the GWU Center for Integrated Behavioral Health Policy ( /  WebLink

SUPPORTIVE HOUSING: The Most Effective and Integrated Housing for People with Mental Disabilities ( /  WebLink

Human Rights Abuses in the Name of Drug Treatment: Reports From the Field ( /  WebLink

Mental Health, Resilience and Inequalities by Dr Lynne Friedli of the World Health Organization (WHO) ( /  WebLink

Mental Health, Resilience and Inequalities  /  Dr Lynne Friedli (WHO) LOCAL PDF

Prevention of Accidental drug overdose Deaths-A report from DPF ( /  WebLink

NYC Health Dept. on Harm Reduction ( /  WebLink

Selected Publications from Alan Trachtenberg
Alternative Health Practices In Mental Health /  (PDF file) Kiresuk TJ, Trachtenberg AI.


Medicolegal Death Investigation System: IOM Workshop-8/22/03: Toxicology Issues and Infrastructure ( /  WebLink

National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) Local 286 Website (maintained as a public service by Dr. Trachtenberg at /  WebLink

Skin Lesions of Injection Drug Users /  Cagle et al, Implemented as Govt. Pub by Dr. T

Methadone-Associated Mortality: Report of a National Assessment and Background Briefing Paper by A. Trachtenberg & S. Leavitt ( /  WebLink

Methadone Associated Mortality (SAMHSA publication, Local Copy)  /  WebLink

Bibliography prepared for the NIH Consensus Development Conference on Acupuncture, in Bethesda, MD, November 3-5, 1997 ( /  WebLink

Acupuncture. NIH Consensus Statement 1997 Nov 3-5; 15(5):1-34 ( /  WebLink

Hepatitis in Opioid Addiction Treatment: Medical Management of Hepatitis Infection and Pharmacologic Therapy for Substance Abuse ( /  WebLink

Hepatitis in Opioid Addiction Treatment:  /  (Local Copy) Trachtenberg, Leavitt, et al

Acupuncture, Ch 49 in Lowinson Addiction Text 2004 /  Han, Trachtenberg & Lowinson

Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) Model Policy Guidelines for Opioid Addiction Treatment in the Medical Office ( /  WebLink

American Acupuncture: Primary Care, Public Health and Policy-Text of Speech from 1997 NIH Consensus Conference on Acupuncture, Published in American Acupuncturist ( /  WebLink

Selected Publications by Duchy Trachtenberg
Am J Pub Health: Alternative Health Practices /  Crisis OR Opportunity? by Duchy Trachtenberg, MSW

Role of CAM in Public Health Practice & Training /  BURKE, GINZBURG, COLLIE, TRACHTENBERG & MUHAMMAD

Alternative Therapies and Public Health: Crisis or Opportunity? by Duchy Trachtenberg-AJPH 2002 October; 92(10):1566-67 ( /  WebLink

Opioid Agonist Treatment (Methadone/LAAM/Bup)
42CFR8 (OTP or "Methadone" Regulations - /  WebLink

FOR CREDIT: AAAP 8 Hour Buprenorphine Course for Qualification under the Drug Addiction Treatment Act (DATA) of 2000 /  WebLink

New in Annals of Int Med from Krantz et al: Torsade de Pointes [a dangerous ventricular (heart) arhythmia] Associated with Very-High-Dose Methadone. Note: This is probably a very rare, dose-related complication /  WebLink

Consent to Release of Information Under 42CFR2  /  Buprenorphine Patient

Facilities Providing Methadone/LAAM Treatment /  SAMHSA Office of Applied Studies (12/06/2002)

42CFR2 Release Consent for Suboxone Rx /  FDA Approved Information for MD's (Product Label)

Methadone Overdoses, Deaths on Rise in U.S. /  NY Times 2/2/2003

2/9/2003 NY Times on Methadone /  NY Times

AJE article on NM opioid OD Deaths /  Nolte et al.

ARCOS: the DEA's Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System /  WebLink

LAAM: Gone but not Forgotten /  Roxane Laboratories

Methadone Mortality Final Report (local copy) /  SAMHSA Consensus Group (Trachtenberg et al)

Methadone Mortality Final Report - SAMHSA 2004 ( /  WebLink

Excellent & FREE Web-based CME for Primary Care Providers on Addiction Treatment ( /  WebLink

Confusion between methylphenidate and methadone /  WebLink

Hepatitis C infection and injection drug use:  /  Thomas F. Kresina, Leonard B Seeff, Henry Francis

New, useful Methadone label ( /  WebLink

Fatal Heroin 'Overdose': A Review by Darke, S and Zador, Deborah - Addiction. 1996; 91(12): pp. 1765-1772. ( /  WebLink

Methadone Mortality ? A Reassessment - Friday, July 20, 2007 ? Washington, DC ( ; key= sdfh8h) /  WebLink

Detailed Historical Timline for Opioids ( /  WebLink

FDA: Avoiding Accidental Overdoses when Methadone is Prescribed for Pain ( /  WebLink

The Report of the Methadone Maintenance Treatment Practices Task Force (Canada) ( /  WebLink

he Report of the Methadone Maintenance Treatment /  Policy Task Force (Canada) local pdf



General Addiction Medicine
Drug & Alcohol Problem Assessment Screening System (Danya International) /  WebLink

Other Drug & Alcohol Screening Instruments /  WebLink

Table of Commonly Abused Drugs /  NIDA

New Ibogaine Program in Mexico /  WebLink

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Ontario, CA) Resources /  WebLink

Website of Elizabeth F. Howell, MD, President-Elect , ASAM /  WebLink

A CONVERSATION WITH | NORA VOLKOW (NIDA Director): NY Tmes 8/19/ 2003 Science Section /  WebLink

UN Report on Terminology and Definitions of Drugs & Abuse WebLink

Controlled Substance Schedules & DEA info ( /  WebLink

AAFP/NIDA Monograph on Diagnosis & Treatment of Drug Abuse in Family Practice ( - by Trachtenberg & Fleming  /  WebLink

(LOCAL COPY) /  WebLink

World Health Organization > (WHO) sites > Substance abuse home ( /  WebLink

WHO > Substance abuse home > Publications ( /  WebLink

NIDA Meeting Summary: Psychoactive Botanical Products Workshop: ( /  WebLink

Research on Anti-Drug Advertisements ( /  WebLink

Legal Issues for Outpatient Drug Treatment (TIP 8; Ch 7 - /  WebLink

Skin Lesions of Drug Injection /  CSAT (local Copy)

Nicotine Dependence: Treatment / NIH

Prescription Drug Addiction ( from the Primary care Network at: /  WebLink

MEDICAL CONSEQUENCES OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE /  Stein, MD. Psych Clin Nor Amer 1999. 22; 351-70.

SAMHSA/CSAP Medical Review Officer Manual (,%202004).aspx) /  WebLink

Special Issue on Syringe Access Internationally /  Substance Use & Misuse, 2006, Vol. 41, Issue 6-7,

Excellent Free CME on Addictions and on Mental Health ( /  WebLink

TIP 45. Detoxification and Substance Abuse Treatment w/Comments on Acupuncture ( /  WebLink

Increasing Cultural Sensitivity Of the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) An Example With Native Americans in North Dakota ( /  WebLink

Drug Policy Lib rary online collections of journal articles, reports, books, testimonies and fact sheets that focus on drugs and drug policy ( /  WebLink

Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) Alcohol Policies webpage ( /  WebLink

CSAT Advisory on Alcohol Biomarkers ( /  WebLink

Adverse Reactions to Hallucinogenic Drugs /  NIMH Conference 9/29/1967 in Chevy Chase, MD

Evidence-Based Consensus Stds: Rx of Substance Use ( /  WebLink /  WebLink

Maryland Community Services Locator (MDCSL): a tool to find local Maryland programs and resources ( /  WebLink

SAMHSA: Alcohol, Medication and Older Adults ( /  WebLink

Antiquated Drug Ads and drug packaging photos ( /  WebLink

Resources to Help Parents Deal with Teen Stress ( /  WebLink

Effects of Beverage Alcohol Price and Tax Levels on Drinking: A Meta-Analysis by RWJ of 1,003 Estimates from 112 Studies ( /  WebLink

Controlled Substance Scheduling Actions in Chronological Order, 1970-present, from DEA ( /  WebLink

Columbia U. Video Symposium on Drug Addiction Treatment ( /  WebLink

The National Drug Evidence Centre (NDEC) carries out epidemiological, evaluative and policy related research in the field of drug misuse ( /  WebLink

Other GWU SPHHS Drug Abuse Course Resources
Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade Online Dictionary ( /  WebLink

Kathleen Sciacca's DUAL DIAGNOSIS WEBSITE: Mental Illness, Drug Addiction and Alcoholism, MIDAA(R), MICA /  WebLink

Joint letter on syringe distribution /  Washington State Health Dept& Pharmacy Board et al

Virtual Library on Drug Abuse: A collection of links to more than 1000 papers (full-text) /  WebLink

Joint Statement on Syringe Disposal /  AMA, ASTHO, APhA, et al.

Addiction Screening  /  AHRQ/US Preventive Services Taskforce

Heroin in the 21st Century /  Caron Foundation

Opioid Analgesic Regulation /  PharmD CE

Florida Drug Deaths: Final Report 2002 /  State of Florida

World Health Organization (WHO) > Health topics > Substance abuse ( /  WebLink

Neurocience of Addiction /  WHO 2004

Maintenance therapy of opioid Addiction 2004 /  WHO/UNODC/UNAIDS

Pictorial on Skin Lesions of Drug Injection ( /  WebLink

'Web Research Guide' to help students, faculty members, authors and research scientists find the information they need on the Web ( /  WebLink

MICROGRAM JOURNAL from the DEA: ( /  WebLink

Addiction Severity Index (ASI) ( /  WebLink

Recovery Month Webcast Series from CSAT/NCADI (  /  WebLink

Federal Drug Data Sources ( /  WebLink

Prevention Program Evaluation Cycle (CSAP) /  WebLink

CSAP Early Intervention Video ( /  WebLink

Medical Review Officer Manual (Urine Testing) /  WebLink

Congressional Hearing on Harm Reduction, 2/16/2005 ( /  WebLink

Comprehensive Compilation of American Drug Laws (by Mark Eddy) ( /  WebLink

Drug Prevention Programs and the Fiscal Year 2006 Drug Control Budget: Is the Federal Government Neglecting Illegal Drug Use Prevention? Congressional Hearing Apr 26, 2005  /  WebLink

Reducing Underage Drinking: A Collective Responsibility (IOM-2004)( /  WebLink

WISQARSTM (Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System from) is an interactive database system that provides customized reports of injury-related data.