To Create offers a wide variety of consultative, training and editorial services in the areas of health policy, health advocacy, epidemiology and social work. We have special expertise in the areas of alternative & complementary health practices (ACHP, also known as complementary/alternative medicine or "CAM") and in the treatment/prevention of addictions and the biopsychosocial havoc they can cause. Drug policy and the development of evidence-based alternative medical products and services is another area of active interest. Neither clinical social work nor direct medical care are offered at this time; However, on occasion a personal or family consultation can be arranged for refferal advice or planning of holistic and/or integrative health strategies for individuals or groups.

As respect for diversity becomes a recognized value in American public health, so does an appreciation for community constructions of health and illness become an essential component of truly community oriented primary care (COPC). Alternative or complementary health practices (ACHP) are practices whose alternative origin comes from outside the mainstream biomedical culture of American medical schools, hospitals and research centers. While ACHP are occasionally integrated into this biomedical culture, they tend to require considerably more research evidence for their use to become widespread among MD's than do practices which originated from within the biomedical culture (and were not themselves necessarily based on evidence from randomized trials, such as the prescription of antibiotics for most upper respiratory infections, intrapartum fetal monitoring for low risk women in labor, or various surgical procedures). ACHP include traditional healing practices from other (often non-English speaking) cultures and are often based on concepts of health and illness that seem foreign to American MD's, who are therefore likely to attribute a much lower Bayesian prior probability to the possible effectiveness of ACHP. From this office, we seek TO CREATE an environment for health care in the US that places the needs of the patient and of the community at the center of the health care equation, with health professionals ready, willing and able to learn as much from their patients as from their professors. At the same time, in those unfortunately rare instances when truly definitive data ARE available to guide the provision of health care, their results should be applied with all possible vigor. Sometimes this will mean insisting on treatment of the community's outcast with a new respect, treating them as sick, rather than "bad." The use of Methadone and LAAM to treat patients with heroin addiction is such a case in point. This is a treatment with some of the most definitive supporting data of any common treatment in American medicine, that reduces the patient's risk of death to less than a fifth of the death rate without treatment, yet it remains politically controversial. At To Create, we are experienced in charting a course to succesfully ride the waves of change that can otherwise swamp the unwary sailor/surfer of our American non-health non-caring non-system. Our unique insights, experience and comprehensive "Big picture" approach have been invaluable to a variety of clients and business partners. Please consider registering through this websight as a new user and take advantage of our HIPAA-compliant, confidential web-based messaging system to submit your confidential inquiry.



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