Moderation Management (MM) is a behavioral change program and national support group network for people who have made the healthy decision to reduce their drinking and make other positive lifestyle changes. MM empowers individuals to accept personal responsibility for choosing and maintaining their own path, whether moderation or abstinence. MM promotes early self-recognition of risky drinking behavior, when moderation is an achievable goal. Individuals who are not able to successfully reduce their drinking either find a local abstinence-only program to attend, or remain in MM and choose abstinence as their goal.

Secular Organizations for Sobriety

The Next-Step Recovery Program - WE ALL WANT MORE !!

White Bison Well-Briety Page

National Organization of Alternative Programs (NOAP)
Members of NOAP are committed to and promote public
safety through participation of impaired and potentially
impaired health care professionals in monitoring,
rehabilitation and recovery in alternative programs and as
an alternative to license discipline, emphasizing fitness to
practice and retention of competent professionals in healthcare fields, and working in cooperation with regulatory and professional organizations to achieve NOAP?s mission.

"Rational Recovery" (


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