Useful Medical Resources

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Abstracts of Cochrane Reviews

AEGiS - AIDS Education Global Information System

Alternative Medicine HomePage

Alzheimer's Association

American Academy of Pediatrics - AAP

American Association for the Advancement of Science - AAAS

American Board of Medical Specialties - ABMS

American Cancer Society - ACS

American Heart Association - AHA

American Massage Therapy Association - AMTA

American Medical Association - AMA

American Psychological Association - APA

American Physical Therapy Association - APTA

British Medical Journal - BMJ

Centers for Disease Control - CDC

Cochrane Collaboration

Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Creighton U. School of Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Article Archive

Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effectiveness - DARE

Department of Complementary Medicine, University of Exeter

Department of Health and Human Services - DHHS

Doctor's Guide - Internet Medical Resources

Evidence Based Medicine Tool Kit

FACT - Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies

Food and Drug Administration - FDA

Fraud & Quackery: Internet Resources

Harvard University Biology Links

Health Ethics Today

Hospital for Sick Children

Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement - ICSI

Internet Disability Resources

Journal Abstracts Delivered Electronically - J.A.D.E.

Journal of Controversial Medical Claims - JCMC

McKenzie Institute

Medical Libraries

Medical Post

MEDLINEplus - Medical Dictionary

MEDLINEplus - National Library of Medicine



National Cancer Institute - NCI

National Center for Infectious Diseases - NCID

National Institutes of Health - NIH

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

New England Journal of Medicine - NEJM

On-line Doctor Finder

Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine - CEBM

Pathology Guy - Ed Friedlander MD

PEDro: The Physiotherapy Evidence Database

PubMed - National Library of Medicine

Q Fever (medical humor and parody)

Research-It! - Your one-stop reference desk

Scientific Studies on the Effects of Massage Therapy

Straight Dope (can contain medical information)

Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Trust Library

World Health Organization - WHO

You First Health Risk Assessment

Search the internet for medical resources with Health On the Net Foundation's MedHunt: (

US Government Health & Medical Science Links

Public Health Association Websites

USAFP Annual Meeting Lecture Handouts (

USAFP 2004 Annual Meeting Syllabus: (


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